I like them filthy, nasty and ugly. Why brands shouldn't take themselves too seriously.

Would you walk in a bar that brands itself Philthy McNasty's?

The answer is YES! Philthy McNasty's is a very popular bar among Canadian students. The self-denigrating name actually stands out and sparks curiousity... who likes people that take themselves too seriously anyways?
Their 3 original TV ads reflect that (best one is 59 seconds in) :

What about Ugg boots?! Everyone had them, they were flooding campuses and even celebrity wanted to buy themselves a pair! The first word that went through my mind the first time that I saw them was ugly. On that note, the manufacturer will openly admit that the name, originating from Australia, appears in the dictionary with the following footnote "derivation: ugly."
However, their #1 selling point is the fact that they are extremely comfortable since the inside of the boot is made of sheep wool or shipskin. In summary, the look, the brand name, and the fact that they are particularly comfortable (but bad for your feet) made it into a huge lifestyle fashion brand for several years!!!

courtesy of tailored.com

courtesy of Annie Mole

The morale of the story is that not taking themselves too seriously helped both Philthy McNasty's and Ugg stand out in their respective industries. We all wanted to find out what was actually inside.

Can you think of any others that used the same principle?

Have Uggood day!

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