The Eradication of the Telemarketer. Canadian Edition.

Have you ever felt like punching a telemarketer?

Tired of people who cannot take 'NO!!!' for an answer?

Tired of looking for your mail amid those effing brochures?

Guess what? The CMA, Canada's most respected marketing association allows you to submit your contact information on their Do Not Contact Service form. They'll forward it to their members which have pledged to remove you from their direct marketing directories. Some of you might find it ironic that you need to submit your info to get it removed, so to reassure you in your decision, I would encourage you to check out their code of ethics.

I did it and would encourage you to do it as well.

I have never enjoyed my conversations with a telemarketer nor enjoyed reading the 'morning junk' that flood my mailbox. The general hate towards telemarketing and useless junk mail comes from the fact that 95% of the offers are irrelevant to you. So that kills it for the 5% of direct marketers that actually bother targeting you because you won't even bother listening nor reading their offer. For that reason, I hope that the CMA's initiative will be a wake-up call for direct marketers using a 'shot gun' approach.

Will this really work?
Is this the first step towards a mini-revolution within the direct marketing sector?
Is the era of telemarketing disappearing?

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