"Hello, my name is CUM"

CUM or Canadian University Marketing has just been launched. The odd acronym was not intentional but it will definitely help us capture attention and stick better with people (no pun intended).

I saw the need for this blog right after founding FreeFolder, a Canadian company that developed a unique advertising medium targeting students (which I will make a post on later). We hope to fill a void in the blogging sphere with a marketing blog which mixes both news-like content and creative content & ideas. Hence, our first and foremost objective is to unite enthusiasts on the subject to keep up-to-date with Canadian students marketing initiatives, trends as well as throw out there some ideas and constructive criticism. So to get the juices flowing, here are a couple topics that will be covered in the near future:
  • word-of-mouth on campuses
  • self denigrating brand names work
  • an interview with the CEO of a small marketing firm specialized in this field (that will be the time for me to throw a few names out there of small players)
The second objective that we set ourselves when writing is to create a community and bring up subjects that will create discussions. This is vital to attain our next goal.

The third objective of the blog is to become the #1 reference when it comes to marketing and student trends in Canada.

Finally the fourth objective is to keep this blog very entertaining and easy to read.


Joanna said...

Morgan!! This is great, I'm really impressed by the amount of content on this page already and I think you've created it with professionalism and relevancy for your targets.

Congratulations, I'll definitely stay tuned and add in any insights I can from the Small Biz marketing space ;)

All the best,

Morgan Coudray said...

Thanks a lot Joanna! Feel free to send relevant content my way.