What's Your Social Currency?

Courtesy of xav

Gen Y is hungry for it. It comes in all shapes and forms and it's really hard to pin-point.

A touching picture? (BBC's Day in Picture)
An hilarious video? (SNL's best or SXEPhil)
An amazing service? (Pandora-Internet Radio)
A boss you can be proud of? (Richard Branson)
An incredibly inspiring lifestyle? (Tim Ferris)
A personal touch? (responding to each meaningful blog comment or email)

In the end it's about creating a relationship, something I'd want to share with friends.
How do you make a first time visitor come back? How do you turn a first-time buyer into a loyal customer? It's about consistency, being remarkable, being unique and building trust.

So what's your social currency?


Kyle Studstill said...

Was thinking of social currency the other day as coworkers were sharing youtube videos.

Hmm my currency? Information and insight. I think it's good for us all to ask that question of ourselves: "what are you giving to others that is important to them"? Thanks for the thoughts

Morgan Coudray said...

A concept that got its name on the internet but yet it existed all along. Great food for thought. Thanks for the comment

Daniel Oyston said...

I would like to think my social currency is a 'balance been professionalism and having fun at work”. I know those two things aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive but it can be hard to do both.

I like to think that I am absolutely committed to professional work and outcomes but at the same time I can have fun and make people laugh. Take it seriously but poke fun whenever the opportunity arises.

Kate Richardson said...

Um my red hair? Maybe not.

This is an interesting one Morgan. I'm going to mull it over.

Happy new year and hope you had a great holiday.

haris said...

Thanks for your thoughts , Great food for thought as well ;)