Creating Buzz with Posters. Example of a Successful Recruitment and Branding campaign.

Unless you are a recognized company, students won't go out of their way to find out who you are and what your company has to offer .

That's when advertising can do some good: helping the smart yet creative underdog make a name for himself.

In September 2008, ConocoPhillips Canada, a small oil and gas company has launched a university campus branding and recruitment campaign in several universities such as U of Saskatchewan, U of Calgary, U of Alberta, U of Regina and Memorial University.
It's a three phase campaign which gradually introduces the students to 'Phil' and the site in light of attracting qualified students to the recruitment interviews. The secret of this campaign is Karo's use of the contrast principle: by keeping the amount of text to a minimum, the bright red posters' message stands out!
According to Marketing Magazine, the expected buzz has been created as a result on the targeted campuses.

courtesy of Marketing Mag

How is this for a cheap yet effective alternative?

to add value to any company's recruitment efforts, small and large firms should make better use of employee referral programs to recruit students straight from college. Dr. John Sullivan highlighted that the use of such cost-efficient tools lack in college recruitment. He makes reference to two successful cases in this post.

Who wouldn't like to work with an acquaintance and get rewarded for it?

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Lauren Friese said...

Hi Morgan,
I got to your blog through adjoke and think it's great from what I've read so far. This post particularly caught my attention because I run a company in the campus recruitment space. We try to do exactly what you refer to in the beginning of your post- give students access to and information about entry-level employers in Canada.

You can almost think of it like a campus career fair, online.

We have everything from job postings to in-depth employer profiles to targeted e-mail blasts on behalf of employers.

The important distinction, and why there's some buzz about us recently, is that we only work with high-quality employers that can offer students real opportunity in the work force...

Look forward to reading more from you.