Google and the Future of Business in the 21st Century: Google 411.

The first reason I write this post to let you all know that you do not need to pay another dime for 411 services. Google has been working on a better version of that service and it's available to everyone in North America for FREE!

Here is the number and their website: 1800 GOOGL-411 (18004664411) and

Check it out and try it because the service is incredible and does not make any use advertising to finance it.

Google and the Future of Business

I think Google is a great example on how to do business in this century. They offer better services than their competitors but more importantly, they offer them for free.

It's a great way to get everyone on your side and inflate your stock price! If I love you, I'll go out of my way to give you business.

Who can hate --even a large corporation -- that gives back so much in forms of services, not money?

What are your thoughts on Google and their future?


Robin Cou. said...

Great blog Morgan!
I enjoy reading every single article,keep up the good work.

David-Paul Williams said...

First let me say that you have great blog, I am very glad I stumbled upon you.

As for Google, I think they will make a open source OS to bring Linux even more mainstream.

What ever they are cooking up over there it will be amazing.