Mobile Marketing - Ford Ka is Pushing the Envelope!

I've spent quite some time lately understanding mobile marketing.
Given the novelty factor, many companies have failed in the early years and today it seems to mature and some companies are truly harnessing the powers and creativity that this medium can offer advertisers.

Go Find It
Ford Ka's 3D mobile marketing efforts stand out. The campaign was launched by Wunderman to announce the release of their new eco-friendly Ford Ka in London, England. The campaign targets young adults and consists of placing Code Stickers in bars, clubs, colleges and on the street. When people aim at the stickers with their phone a floating Ford Ka appears on screen along with a URL:

How is that for catching your attention!

Now, the million dollar question for marketers is how to get your hands on innovative technologies like those? Integrate a R&D department in your agency?
.......did I just spoil a secret?

Thanks to Rick Mathieson and his blog.

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HEY JOSH said...

Love this! Very Creative!