The Economist Magazine is Targeting Students with Pizzas!

The Economist is targeting students in the Philadelphia-area with about 20 participating pizzerias. Students order pizzas on a regular basis so this innovative advertising medium should be a great way to reach out to them.

Moreover, the creativity behind the medium and the pizza ad might reflect positively in light of showing students that the Economist isn't as dry as many would think. However, the content of the ad does not lie about what one may find inside The Economist.

Will students want to "get a world view"?


Adam Ferrier said...

This is a another great example of the Economist understanding their brand... and in their potential audiance too.

Morgan Coudray said...

Adam, agreed! They got it all right, the art, the creative and the targeting. Will students really be in the mood to read the economist when ordering their 11pm pizza is the only question.