A.D.D. Brand Messaging

The best advice advertisers will give you is to include no more and no less than one message per ad. Not two. One.

Our attention spans have significantly lowered over the years since more and more advertisers compete for our attention. Moreover, we live in a world where Millenials have learnt to multi-task, feed on bits and bytes which leads to significantly shorter attention span (ADD).
See the trend?

  • Twitter -- express your thoughts in 140 characters or less.

  • Facebook -- ligitimized the one-sentence "wall" messages. No need to write long emails or send postcards anymore.

  • No more word-cluttered magazine ads.

  • Successful blogs like Zac's Pigs dont Fly have short and to-the-point posts


Zac Martin said...

Great point I've never considered before. Certainly a Gen Y/iGen trait. Some of my favourite videos on YouTube go for less than seven seconds.

Although, I think if content is engaging enough ADD isn't a problem. Certainly there are some great blogs out there that write essays, I'm just lazy and not smart enough!

Morgan Coudray said...

7 seconds?!! That is ADD short Zac. You're our case example of choice here

John Paget said...

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