Ken Wong and Travels

I wish you all a great year 2009!

I've been MIA in the last little while. I came back from France where I had a good dose of internet detox which allowed me recharge my batteries and spend a lot of time snowboarding. HEAVEN.

Ken Wong

This semester I am lucky to have the best and the greatest marketing mond I could have hoped for: Ken Wong. This guy is a guru and I'm honored to be one of his students. Looking forward to that 3-hour evening class every Wednesday night! Inspiration for some of the content of the blog in the next 4 months will definitly come from those power-hours.

Next Year

I have made the decision to travel for 10 months next year in both Asia and Australia. I will announce the creation of a new blog on the topic soon. How I'm gonna go about financing and planning this trip will be packed in that blog, so stay tuned. It will be be more personal than this one has been.


Daniel Oyston said...

Hey Morgan, no matter what all the other nutters tell you about Canberra (Australia's capital) there is heaps to see and do hear.

If you do come through Canberra then let me know and we'll catch up.

Morgan Coudray said...

That's great Daniel!
I'll will definitly get in touch if I end up coming to Canberra.
It seems to have the same stigma as Ottawa --> canada's capital :D