A Real Mystery -- F.E.A.R. 2 Silver Case Advertising

F.E.A.R 2, a soon-to-be-released first shooter video game has launched, what in my eyes, is probably one of the best use of online communities to create the most original and engaging online ad campaign.

SxePhil, a Youtube blogger, and video game player, that I follow on a regular basis posted the following video

Furthermore, Mike Fahey, a prominent gaming blogger received the same letter and had to pick up the same mysterious case from a nearby storage facility. He wrote about his 'mission' in this post which got tremendous attention from his community.

Here is why I like this campaign:
  • It is an effective way to reach out to trendsetters in a genuinly exciting way
  • It engages the followers, online communities and friends
  • The proper use of suspense is a great tool to stimulate the target market's memory buds
Anyone realize how I got a little excited about this one. Let's find out what will be in the case on December 5th!

[edit made dec. 8th: to find out what was in the case click here]

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