My 2 Cents on Mobile Marketing -- Let Me Unsubscribe

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3 Reasons why mobile marketing companies should give me the option to unsubscribe
at the end of every promotional SMS.
  • You will make sure that I want to hear what you're ready to feed me
  • It's a good way to rate the success of a mobile marketing campaign
  • Being respectful will go a long way in preserving a positive brand image

My pick of successful mobile marketing and branding campaigns
  • McDonald SMS Lounge allows registrants to receive free offers on their phone -- Objective and nature of the content is exposed clearly.
  • Lonely Planet's iPhone application -- improved brand equity and free visibility with branded application.
  • Ciba Vision Turkey POP SMS coupons -- Eco-friendly alternative to reach out to youths.
A big thank you to Graham Brown, co-founder of Mobile Youth, for naming me one of the top 20 youth marketing bloggers. If you want your daily dose of quality news and insight on the subject go check them out; they've been around since 2001 for a reason.

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