Creativity Outside the Agency -- Pronto Condoms

Clearly, "the quickest way to get it on".
What do you think about Pronto Condom's R&D efforts?
I meant to feature this example because it has real value in showing that all aspects of the marketing mix deserve attention. I think that even though the innovation itself will solve some men's 'condom frustration', what drives sales is the simple fact that they are different in an industry where all players virtually sell the same product.

Why are they only in South Africa?

Thanks to Ideate for pointing this one out.


Erin said...

South Africa has gotten a lot of attention from companies marketing safe sex because of the HIV situation. Attack campaigns against the "sex with a virgin will cure AIDS" fable are still fairly prominent, although I have no idea about their effect.
I guess that answers why Pronto is targeting South Africa, but doesn't really say why they aren't in the Western countries.

Stan Lee said...

Your point that all aspects of the marketing mix deserve attention is spot on. This is a great example of that.

Old wisdom says the ad comes out of the product. Even more true when you have a product like this.

Morgan Coudray said...

@erin, you're right, effective/easy-to-use contraception is way more important in SA than here.

@stan, I'll remember that! Clearly, an advertiser is limited by the quality of the product/service they got to promote.

Nudge Marketing said...

Its probably pretty "hard" (lol) to devise an ad for your particular brand condom that doesnt end up promoting your competition at the same time.

But a fine ad none the less and a great example of how a good "idea" is far more important than how much money you spend on production.


Mano said...

Though I aint very much into marketing, I'd say easiness of use doesn't appeal as much to "westerners", than in a country where using condoms can be life saving.

There is no niche for it here, or at least not one profitable enough. Appealing to our sense of (perceived) comfort, coolness seems to make more sense. Besides, I don't see anyone changing a brand once they are already fine with it.

Great idea though. The ad is great as well.

Fred Roed | World Wide Creative said...

The condoms were a creation of a South African inventor who wanted to launch his new product to a captive market. He didn't have a huge marketing budget, so he approached a young up and coming ad agency here in South Africa called and they put this viral vid together. The vid subsequently got millions of views, and the product was suddenly in the public eye. It's a great example of marketing on a shoestring, and how a great creative idea can be accelerated via the online channel.

Morgan Coudray said...

I'm glad you pointed that out Fred. Thanks