Award Winning Guerrilla Marketing -- Toilet Plungers as Ad Medium

Toilet Plungers?
At the Marketing Magazine 2008 Innovation Awards, Colour Creative Persuasion Inc. received the gold prize in the "targeted marketing: young adults" category for the work they did for student-geared Landlord Lou.

The Campaign
It consisted of placing 3,000 toilet plungers around Halifax, Fredericton, Moncton and Saint John in New Brunswick which all had the website's URL. To leverage the effectiveness and buzz of the campaign, Colour Creative put up posters and took up a few ads in urban weeklies encouraging students to find the plungers -- treasure hunt style. The clear purpose of the campaign was to draw students to their website which had a link to their extensive number of apartment listings as well as some viral videos to help brand themselves as the best landlord in town.



Sex Feens

My Thoughts
The campaign got some buzz on Facebook, Kijiji as well as 7000 hits on their website. So clearly, their objective was attained and their brand image very likely increased as well. Moreover, I admire campaigns targeting students that make smart uses of various media to increase the overall efficacy of it.

But seriously, was it worth putting that much effort into it?


Anonymous said...

You gotta think - man 3000 plungers! I don't know what the investment is there, but you would surely need to rent a lot of units to make that back.

Of course, having had more than 2 people for every plunger produced, the awareness achieved is really pretty reasonable on pure dollars for eyeballs.

Morgan Coudray said...

Exactly, the overall investment seems pretty high for the short term returns. But I think its a decent long term initiative to get good name to the landlord, which by the way is the largest one in the four cities mentioned.