Rethinking Word-of-Mouth Marketing - Intro

This is the first in a series of posts exploring the use of love in marketing.

As a prelude, here are two award winning videos on the topic that were brought to my attention by Patrick Byers. Those were, daringly, made by Microsoft's marketing manager Geert Desager... for Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions!

The Break Up

Inspiration, anyone?

How about engaging students with Web 2.0? Making better use of pull marketing? After all, Gen Y are web savvy and would love to get in on the conversation about topics they love.

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Anonymous said...

a) Is it weird that Microsoft is backing an ad campaign that discusses about how corporations are disconnected from their consumers? This is, of course, comes after their somewhat confusing campaign with Jerry Seinfeld/Bill Gates.
b) Is it weird that the Advertiser looks more like Ash from Evil Dead than what I would imagine an advertisement to look like?